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12x15 and 13x16 for Tajima Machines


The 12x15 and 13x16 only fit on some Tajima machines. It depends if it is a single head or multi head machine and the length and shape of the arms. Please provide us with your machine model, year and number of heads and we can help you determine which hoop will fit your machine. If you provide us the measurement of how long the distance is behind the clip to where it starts to bend, we will have a better idea of which one will fit. The measurement we are looking for is described in the pictures with the machine arms below.


The 12x15 has a much better chance of fitting multi head machines. It is actually 12.5 x 15.75" and the 13x16 is 12.75" deep x 15.75" wide. So the middle of the hoops are only 1/4" difference in depth. The main difference is that the 12x15 is a little more rounded like standard hoops which allows it to fit between the arms better. Here is a line drawing of both hoops showing the actual sizes.



This shows the actual dimensions of each hoop.


1215-1316 Combined

This shows the 12x15 and 13x16 on top of each other so that you can see the actual difference in sewing area is very little.

Most single head machines can use either size. This is because the arms that hold the hoop on single head machines can normally go to a wider spacing (we call this the 600mm spacing) The eliminates the problem of the back corners of the hoop hitting the arms on the machine since the arms are further away when using the 500mm spacing. So ordering the 13x16 for a single head with the 600mm spacing adaptor brackets will usually insure that it will fit. If you have one of the larger single head machines that has long enough arms that do not angle right after the clip, then the 500mm bracket will work and we prefer to use those so that you do not have to move your arms out to the special 600mm spacing that is not used as often. We have only found one single head machine that can not use the 13x16. It was a TEHX C1501, this machine had the 600mm spacing, but when the arms were put at that distance they would hit the side of the machine when trying to sew near the edges of the hoop. The following pictures will help show what we mean about arm shape and where the hoops hit.

Multi head machines can normally only go to the 500mm spacing. The metal brackets on your current large hoops should measure about 19 7/16" from end to end. Because this is the widest that the arms will go, we have to be more concerned about the shape of the arm. Please see the following pictures to see what we mean.

1316 Hit Arm
This picture shows what we need you to measure. The longer the flat part is between the back of the black or white clip is, the better chance you have of the 12x15 or 13x16 fitting.


1316 measure
This picture shows this measurement again. The arm for the TFMXC1501 is long enough to use the 500mm adaptor brackets on the 13x16. The Neo 2 arm needs to be spread farther apart with the 600mm brackets because the flat part is only .25" long.


1316 Arm
This shows where the corner of the hoop would hit on the Neo 2 or other arms that start to angle out right after the clip. This is why some multi head machines can not use these large hoops.


This picture shows a 13x16 with a TFHX-IIC1504. This arm actually starts to angle out and get wider before the white clip. This makes it impossible to even get the 13x16 half way in. We are somtimes able to get a 12x15 on machines with arms like this but they require a special bracket we call an offset bracket. This type of bracket pulls the hoop towards the front of the machine so it snaps in before it hits the arm.

12x15 shown on TFHX-IIC1504 with 1 " offset bracket


Normal bracket and a .5" and 1" offset bracket

When using offset brackets, some machines can loose a little bit of sewing area towards the front of the hoop. This is because you are pulling the hoop towards the front of the machine and some machines just can't move far enough to use the front edge.


We will continue to update this page when we learn more.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call or email us.

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