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Instructions to add Mighty Hoop Sizes to Amaya Machines

We have worked with Melco to have them update the files needed to include our Mighty Hoops in your operating system. They add them as quick as they can, but some of the newest sizes may not be in the files listed below.

Here are the options for using Mighty Hoops with your machine.

1. The easiest way to get started without doing anything special to your machine or software would be to select a standard hoop in your software that is larger than the Mighty Hoop you currently want to use. This will allow you to use the most area in the mighty Hoop and you will not have to update any files in your machine. Just remember to trace your design to make sure it fits. This is the procedure that embroiderers use with all other brands of machines.

2. You can update a file called hoop.mdb in your operating system to have all of the hoops that Melco has defined. Go to this link. https://app.box.com/s/3llzfjqnkkpj9e3ogmysa85af6cfbfo6 and see the file "update hoop_mdb file rev11-15-16.pdf" You will also need the "hoop.mdb" file at the above link.

3. If you have created some custom hoops of your own, you can manually enter Mighty Hoops by following the procedure in the file "Manually add hoopsRev11-15-16.pdf". You should only use this procedure if you have created your own hoops and don’t want to lose them by updating the hoop.mdb file.

4. If we don't have the size defined in the above documents or files, you can use this link on Melco's site to create your own definition. http://www.melco-service.com/docs/AMAYA_OS_v10/AMAYA/HoopSetup.htm

Please let us know if you have any questions.


If you have any other questions, please give us a call or email us.


E-Mail: info@mightyhoop.com

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