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Instructions for adding Mighty Hoops to Barudan machines

Frame Outline Names:
Each Might Hoop Frame Outline consists of 2 files, an .FMO and a .BMP file.
The File names are named MH then the H size (in hundreds of inches), and V size (in hundreds of inches).
So, a 5.5” x 5.5” hoop frame outline is named “MH550x550”.
(So there is a MH550x550.FMO and a MH550x550.BMP file for each hoop)

Frame Outline Offset:
None of these frame outlines are set for any particular model machine. They have no offsets.
So each one, once loaded into the machine, will need the Frame offset adjusted to match the machine.
See attached K-Series Frame Outline Offset.pdf for instructions (X-Series is similar).
The good thing with the Mighty Hoops is that they have the same centering as the smaller Barudan Blue hoops.
So you can use a small Barudan Blue hoop to center the hoop, and then copy this centering to the Mighty Hoops. See the following instructions for details.

Basic Instructions:

You will need to download the folder and PDF file from our file storage site by clicking on this link

Barudan hoop file link


To add Mighty Hoops, start by copying the complete Frame_MightyHoop folder to a USB stick.
Then manually delete all the frame .BMP and FMO files that you don’t plan on using. This way you are only getting the hoop sizes you need, and not all the extra sizes.

  1. Load the Frame_MightyHoop folder into the machine.
  2. Install a Round Barudan Blue hoop on the machine and pick it for the frame outline file.
  3. Load a design with a center origin, and put it in Drive mode.
  4. Use the Hoop centering feature in the Trace menu to center the design in the Round Barudan Blue hoop.
  5. Exit Drive mode.
  6. Pick a Mighty Hoop in the Frame outline file list.
  7. Use the “K-Series Frame Outline Offset instructions.pdf” and set the current centering for this Mighty Hoop. (Should be the same centering as the Round Barudan Blue hoops)
  8. Repeat steps 6 ~8 for each Mighty Hoops you have, and set the Offset.

For more details on loading and setting Frame Outlines, please refer to the Automat’s Instruction Manual.

Contact Barudan Technical Support for more information.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call or email us.

E-Mail: info@mightyhoop.com

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