Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture
for 10x10", 8x13", 11x13", 12.5x15.75", and 13x16" Hoops

Adjustable fixture
Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture to hold most sizes of Mighty Hoops 6.5" and larger on the HoopMaster Station. It also holds the backing material during hooping, but unlike the 5.5 fixture, does not have arms to hold the top hoop.

Adjustable fixture shown on Station with an 11x13" hoop in place.

This item includes:

One Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture for your HoopMaster System
This fixture also has a built in drilling jig to add holes to your station.

Click the link below the add to cart button to see how to measure your sewing field. There will be a charge for exchanging hoop brackets if you enter an incorrect sewing field size for your machine.

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Mighty Hoops contain very strong magnets, if you have any type of medical device that can be affected by magnets, please consult your physician before ordering. By ordering you agree that you have read and understand the warnings posted at this link. Magnet Warnings

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